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Girmit has been my biggest project to date and may be for some time ahead. Our 360 degree immersive film is a huge collective achievement that has shaped my imagination for what I thought would be possible to create, artistically and technically, especially during the time of the pandemic.

I recently looked back at my first draft of the project and was reminded that, initially, the Girmit project began all in just one ‘sketch’ file. On completion seven months later, it now features five world-sized sketches that each truly stretch the limits of the software, with around twenty to thirty smaller sketches that became inserts into the large scenes. Every inch has been painted by hand, from the skies and seas to the fingertips of the characters. I did this using Tilt Brush, a software that allows me to paint in 3D virtual space, physically building up the environments around myself.

When we thought the project couldn’t evolve any more, the culmination of the great minds of the team; academics, creatives and developers came together and pushed it even further. The process has been a learning curve for many different reasons; it has endured strict lockdowns, changing workflows, and I’ve still only met a handful of the team in person. We’re proud of what we’ve managed to create and this goes to show the talents of the team.

Most importantly, at the heart of this all is a willingness to delve into this history, learning its importance, longevity and withstanding influence on today, taking a moment to really try to understand the heritages of the people around us and ultimately many people all over the world. Girmit tells a story of a history that is otherwise largely untold and the stories from the people deserve to be remembered.

On the eve of our Mozfest launch I’m excited to share that I’m continuing to work with Nutkhut as an Associate Artist and I’m looking ahead to our next venture together, uncovering more hidden stories and exploring new ways to create immersive experiences in virtual reality. 

Lorna Inman – Virtual Reality Artist

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