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Nutkhut’s Own Girmit Journey

The past 12 months have seen adaption and re-design as a means to an end, amidst our changing circumstances. The entire approach to this project has been diligently thought through, as a direct response to COVID 19. Frankly, it would have been far to easy to put the project on hold and to delay the project until some point in the future. Action was required; doing nothing was not an option.

Working with our UK-based creatives and academics, we reached out to Fiji, Germany, Australia, the USA and India to gather a range of diverse voices. The power of technology enhanced our ability to reach beyond our known networks. Regular zoom meetings gave us all a sense of structure to our lockdown stories.

In this time of change, these virtual meetings became moments of need, and through these meetings, our stories began to develop. From one dimension to many dimensions, through the power of experience and instinct, through the need to tell a hidden history of a community being directly affected by Covid, the desire and need were of the now.

It has been a humbling experience – to enjoy the company of meeting people for the first time, to re-visiting friendships and connections with people we have worked with before. The desire to make this work, come what may, filtered throughout the team.

I am honoured to work with such a team – conscientious, sensitive, aware of the emotional journey, yet constantly prepared to push the human story and the artistic vision to great heights.

Ajay C,

Nutkhut artistic director

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