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Girmit – Conference : University of Lucknow

The Girmit Conference, held in January and February 2024, at the University of Lucknow in Uttar Pardesh was a seminal event commemorating the history and legacy of indentured laborers, known as “Girmityas.”

This conference was a first for an academic setting, convening scholars, historians, and descendants of indentured labourers. Hosted in venues that resonate with the historical journey of these labourers, the conference provided a poignant connection to their birthplace, reinforcing the significance of their contributions to global history.

The academic rigor of the Girmit Conference was evident in its diverse range of presentations, panel discussions, and workshops. Researchers and experts delved into the socio-economic impacts of indenture, cultural assimilation, and the enduring legacy of the Girmityas. This scholarly exchange fostered a deeper understanding of the indentured labor system and its modern-day implications.

Government support was a cornerstone of the conference’s success, highlighting a commitment to preserving and honoring this crucial aspect of history. Local and national governments facilitated the event, underscoring the importance of such initiatives in promoting historical awareness and cultural heritage. This support ensured broad participation and helped bridge the gap between academic research and public knowledge.

The Girmit Conference 2024 not only celebrated the past but also paved the way for future research and dialogue, emphasising the enduring relevance of the Girmityas’ legacy in contemporary society.

Professor Upadhaya – Department of English – University of Lucknow
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