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Fiji appoints new UK High Commisioner

Suveinakama, previously a Consultant Lawyer at Toganivalu Legal, Fiji, has an extensive legal background, having provided commercial advice locally and abroad. Admitted to practice law in New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, and Tokelau, he brings a wealth of experience to his new role. His career includes positions such as Associate at Howards Law and chief policy and strategic advisor to the Government of Tokelau.

Suveinakama’s mission as High Commissioner is crucial in strengthening diplomatic ties, promoting trade, and fostering cultural exchange. His role involves collaboration with various government agencies, maintaining connections with the British Army, and supporting the British Fijian diaspora. With his legal expertise and dedication to fostering Fiji’s wider cultural connections, Suveinakama is poised to drive forward initiatives benefiting both Fiji and its citizens in the UK. His appointment marks a significant period of change and growth, enhancing bilateral relations between Fiji and the United Kingdom.

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