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A Multi-dimensional ‘Girmit’ Odyssey

A truly mind expanding project that kicked off in a lockdown ‘Nutkhut’ Zoom meeting & is now blasting off in a lockdown ‘Nutkhut’ Zoom World Premiere at Mozilla Festival Amsterdam. It’s been an epic collaboration & gathering of makers minds to craft the Girmit Experience – in often challenging remote working & indie creator flexible ways.

Helping bring together a selection of emerging & accessible technologies, tools & platforms that first inspired me to go deeper in exploring the art of multi-dimensional motion artainment experiences.

For the ‘feel It’ heartbeat rhythm to this original experience we made sure the human stories & connections to the present have always been in focus, finding global authentic artistic voices & connecting symbolic meaning through a variety of touch points. Nature, identity, freedom all played a big part in the making of this odyssey…

It’s most definitely a wonderful fractal time moment to premiere at MozFest and support the movement for a free, fair inter-webby for all. With our DIY ethos and everyone going above and beyond to make something that hits NOW, ‘let’s be the change wiggly feeling’ button, most definitely a lock-down Zoom world premiere to remember. 🙂

Peace, Jem – PlayLa.bZ

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