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Enter The Girmit Experience

The aim of this arts and heritage project was to tell the untold story of the Girmitiyas. To do this we turned to multi-dimensional motion arts to create the Girmit experience, making use of 360° immersive films, 3D objects and surround sound. We wanted to capture what it must have felt like to be Lali, a 14-year-old Indian boy who travelled 7,000 miles to Fiji after inadvertently signing up for an indentured labour contract.

Mozilla Hubs

Mozilla Hubs gives us an opportunity to further tell Laali’s story. By entering a custom built ‘room’, you can interact with the 3D objects we created for Girmit.

You don’t need any special equipment to enter a Hub, just your smartphone. Launch the YouTube app and rotate your device for a complete 360° experience. If you have and want to wear a ‘VR Headset’ then you will get a 360° perspective. For the best audio experience, we recommend you wear headphones.

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